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Simshine Simcam Ango Pro

AI-fueled wireless doorbell

Protection never goes offline

  • ango-icon1.pngPerson Detection
  • ango-icon2.pngTwo-way Audio
  • ango-icon3.png1080P Recording
  • ango-icon4.pngCloud Storage
  • ango-icon5.png100 feet WiFi Range
  • ango-icon6.png180-day Battery Life

How does Simshine Simcam Ango Pro works?

  • Motion Activation

    The doorbell is activated immediately when the PIR sensor detects a motion or the button is pressed.

  • Motion Recording

    The doorbell immediately records a clip once it is activated, without delaying a second.

  • Person Detection & Alert

    If the motion is caused by a person, the doorbell will send you a person alert. Otherwise, it will return to sleep mode.

No false alerts
180-day battery life

The AI detection reduces tons of false alerts and saves tremendous power. Set it and forget about recharging the battery for over half a year. Get spare batteries to swap out the discharged batteries immediately without hours of recharging break.


100 feet extended WiFi range

The optional indoor chime comes with an inbuilt WiFi extender, which ensures a strong WiFi connection up to 100 feet (30M). Get notifications promptly as someone arrives at your porch. View the live video without any lag.


Answer the door, like you were there

See clearly who is at your doorsteps in full HD on the APP, either day or night. Welcome your visitor with the built-in microphone and speaker, or just play a pre-recorded message, while you are miles away.

  • Night Vision
  • Two-way Audio
  • On-demand Live Stream

Anti-theft installation for every house

The doorbell is firmly attached to the mounting plate with a special security screw. A hidden tamper-resistant switch will set off alarm and trigger a push alert if someone tries to steal the doorbell. Besides battery, Simshine Simcam Ango can be hardwired to your existing doorbell system.


Local and Cloud Storage

You can save the event recording to either an inside SD card or the cloud. The cloud storage is accessible for 1 day for free, or 28 days with a subscription fee.

Cloud storage plan
3-days video history for free

28-day video history

$ 4.99 / month

$ 24.99 / 6 months

$ 49.99 / year