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Simshine Simcam 1S Frequently Asked Questions

The AI motion detection

1.Do I need a subscription plan to use the AI features?

All features and future upgrades are free of subscription.

2.How many faces can Simshine Simcam 1S recognize?

200 different faces.

3.How quickly can Simshine Simcam 1S detect a person and recognize a face?

In 30 milliseconds. Actual processing time may be affected by environmental factors such as light or distance.

4.Does the AI need training?

No, we have trained Simshine Simcam 1S with tens of millions of images beforehand and built highly accurate algorithms into the device. However, you can teach it to recognize new things with the SDK which will be available later.

5.Can it run all the AI features simultaneously?

Yes, it can detect persons, pets, vehicles, and recognize faces all at the same time.

1.Will you use my data to train the AI like Nest and Arlo?

No. Because the Simshine Simcam 1S uses entirely local AI processing, we never have access to your data.

2.Can someone else monitor my camera like Ring?

The live videos are streamed directly into your phone on a secured P2P (peer-to-peer) network without going through a server. Only you can view the video through the paired APP.

3.Can I turn the camera off while I’m home?

Yes, there is a manual privacy mode in the APP which allows you to turn off each camera. You can also use geo-fencing to automatically activate the privacy mode whenever you are home.
Model Comparison

1.What is the difference between Simshine Simcam 1S and Simshine Simcam Alloy 1S?

Simshine Simcam 1S is IP54 rated weatherproof and can pan. Simshine Simcam Alloy 1S is IP65 but cannot pan. Other than those, they have the same features.
Power Source

1.Does Simshine Simcam 1S require batteries or a power connection?

The Simshine Simcam 1S comes with power cables and adapters that allow you to plug it into AC power anywhere in the world. That provides you with 24/7 AI motion detection and continuous recording so you never miss an event or have to spend money on batteries.

1.Will Simshine Simcam 1S still function while the Internet is down?

The local AI will keep analyzing and recording events even without a WiFi connection, but it will not be able to connect to the APP until the connection is restored.
Installation & Placements

1.Can Simshine Simcam 1S be mounted on the wall?

Yes, it comes with a wall mount.

2.Can I install the camera upside down?

Yes, you can flip over the image by 180° on the APP. The camera functions normally while upside down.

3.How far can I place the camera from the router?

Up to 20 meters without obstacles.

4.What if I have to place the camera far away from a power outlet?

There is a 3-meter extension cable you can purchase to extend the range.

5.Can I tilt the camera up and down?

Yes, you can tilt the camera manually from -22° to 22°.

6.Does Simshine Simcam 1S come with the region’s corresponding power plug?

Yes, the camera will come with the proper type of power plug according to your shipping country.

7.Can I pan the camera on my command?

Yes, you can pan the camera a full 360° using the APP.

8.Can I use Simshine Simcam 1S outdoors?

Simshine Simcam 1S is IP54 rated so it can handle some moisture, but not pouring rain. For outdoor use, it needs to be placed under an overhang or other cover. If that is not possible, consider using the SimCam Alloy, which has a higher waterproofing rating (IP66).
Event Alert & Recording

1.How quickly can Simshine Simcam 1S send out a push notification when it detects an event?

Push notifications are usually sent within 1 to 2 seconds. However, it may vary depending on your Internet condition.

2.How quickly can Simshine Simcam 1S start recording the clip when it detects an event?

It can recognize a person and start recording within 0.03 seconds - faster than the blink of an eye!

3.What is the recording length of an event?

It is adjustable from 15 seconds, 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

4.Can I customize the notifications?

You can enable or disable the notifications for people, individual face IDs, pets, or vehicles using the APP.

1.Can I see the live footage on other devices besides the APP?

You can view live stream on Synology surveillance station, Ispy, Alexa Echos Show, and Google Nest Hub.

2.Does it integrate with other services or devices?

Simshine Simcam 1S has a local API which allows it to integrate with other devices or services, including Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, among others.

1.What will happen when the SD card is full?

The system records in a continual loop. When the card is full, it begins to overwrite the oldest stored footage.

2.How many days of video can be stored?

It depends on the capacity of your SD card. Typically, a 32GB SD card can store a full week’s worth of videos.

1.Can multiple APPs access one camera?

One account can generate sub-accounts that allow other users to view the camera’s live footage and receive notifications.

2.How many cameras can I use under one account simultaneously?

There is no limit as long as the bandwidth of your network is sufficient.

1.Which regions will Simshine Simcam 1S be sold to? Where do you ship?

Simshine Simcam 1S is sold worldwide. Shipping is available to every country.

2.How much does shipping cost?

We provide free shipping on any orders of US$75 or more.